A mother and four baby hedgehogs are recovering well after a successful rescue by volunteers.

The animals fell out of a piece of rolled up tarpaulin being cleared from a garden shed in Nevill Road, Uckfield.

The owners of the house contacted the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) when they realised what had happened.

The rescuers found the female hedgehog huddled in the corner and five very young, lethargic and cold baby hedgehogs scattered around on a cold bare concrete floor.

The youngsters were wrapped up and taken back to WRAS founder Trevor Week’s home in Uckfield where they were wrapped up in a jumper and given a hot water bottle.

Unfortunately one of the baby hedgehogs died, but the rest began to respond and move about more, so were returned to the mother to see if she would accept them.

Volunteer Kathy Martyn said: “When we checked an hour later, she had moved closer to her young and they were all tucked up underneath her as if nothing at all had happened.

“It was amazing to see as hedgehogs do not like being disturbed and are notorious at abandoning their young or even killing them when disturbed at such a young age.

“It was so nice to see her nursing her young again and we are so pleased they survived their fall and their poor start to life.”

The animals will now be left in a hutch for the next week with just food, water and additional bedding material as the team keep an eye on their progress.