Diana Moore teaches Sun Power Yoga in venues around Brighton and Hove including The White Room at The Brunswick pub in Holland Road, Hove. Here, first-timer Georgina Townshend tells us how the class stretched her, made her arms shake and her legs pang. But she loved it.

Yoga: never something I’ve really been interested in, along with exercise in general and/or eating healthy.

I’m aware all three are good for you, but like I said: not interested. However, I have found myself in a profession that means sitting on my derrière all day and eating sinful white bread sandwiches for lunch. As a result, the posterior has been rapidly enlarging.

So I started to research interesting ways of exercising that didn’t involve much physical embarrassment and exertion. I came across something called Sun Power yoga, at The Brunswick in Hove.

At first I thought it would be easy. I can tell you now: it is not. Especially not Sun Power yoga.

The evidence being that I can barely hold my arms up to type. According to the website sunpoweryoga.co.uk, the exercise “breaks from some of the traditional ties and creates a style that respects the ancient philosophy of yoga, yet takes it into the future”. Interesting.

I decided to give it a try. Now, The Brunswick is an everyday, pint in hand, pork-scratching crunching pub. So how glad was I that I had decided to change into my leggings and baggy T-shirt there.

Upstairs, I met instructor Diana Moore, an incredible woman who has been practising yoga for as long as I’ve been alive, with the body of an athletic 16-year-old girl.

On more than one occasion, my mouth dropped at some of the things she could do with her body. When we started, I felt an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. At one point, Diana said: “Forget about your busy day, you’re just a person on a mat.” I was concerned at this point I would fall asleep on the floor.

Halfway through, my arms started to shake and my legs began to pang – in a good way. I caught myself going ‘oh yeah’ as underused muscles stretched and burned. Overall, it was a completely surreal but inspiring experience, doing a skull-shining breath exercise while hearing subtle sounds of the pub kitchen’s radio, the light clink of glasses being collected and low murmur of ‘man chat’ downstairs.

Maybe next time I’ll congratulate myself for “getting fit” with a large glass of white wine and a packet of crisps.