AN MP has damned The Queen’s speech as a “squandered opportunity” to “reset” politics.

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, spoke after the speech and said "it could have set a brave new agenda - instead it let people down". 

She was critical after the inclusion of the Infrastructure Bill which the Greens say grants oil and gas companies more powers to run pipelines under private land.

Ms Lucas said:"The people of Brighton and Hove and East Sussex have spoken clearly on this Bill and it's a resounding 'no, they don't want it'.

“The Government, in pursuit of its own vested interests, is ignoring their well-placed concerns and ramming this legislation through as quickly as possible instead.

"Not only does this bill defy public opinion, it denies people a voice. To allow fracking companies to drill under homeowners' land without their permission is a completely unacceptable violation of their rights."

She added: “Even putting to one side the evidence of environmental and health risks posed by fracking, the easing of trespass laws within this Bill is a completely unacceptable violation of homeowners’ rights across the country.

“The public have spoken clearly on this proposed new fracking law: 75 per cent don’t want it.

“The Government hasn’t listened. So now it’s steamrolling through legislation that will deny people any say in what happens to the very ground beneath their homes. Positive spin on this is pure hot air: the evidence speaks for itself.”