A MOTHER is using social media to highlight the “terrifying walk” she and her three young children have to endure every day to get to school.

Katharine Wynne has begun posting videos of the walk from her home on Twitter in a bid to bring in safety improvements to a railway bridge where pedestrians are forced to walk in the road while traffic, often heavy goods vehicles and tractors, whizzes by.

The mother-of-three said she has been hit by a car walking under the narrow bridge while a teenage neighbour had also been injured.

She launched the @ADangerousWalk Twitter page last month and has been motivated by “so many near misses” and the death of her best friend who was killed by a banned and uninsured driver in October.

She is calling on West Sussex County Council to build a pavement under the bridge or as an interim and cheaper measure, put up a sign warning motorists of pedestrians in the road.

Mrs Wynne has to walk from where the pavement ends close to her home, in Stopham Road in Pulborough, under the railway bridge for about 200 metres before the pavement resumes.

She and her three children, Hazel, nine, Reuben, five, and Amelie, three, often have no alternative but to walk despite the risks.

Mrs Wynne said: “I am surprised there has not been a fatal accident but action needs to be taken now rather than waiting for someone to be killed.

“There have been so many near misses and I was hit by a wing mirror which left a huge bruise and the motorist didn’t even stop.

“Our neighbour’s teenage daughter was also hit by the wing mirror but the driver did stop but only to shout at them for being in the road.”

Her neighbours, Paul and Letty Holdaway, have decided not to send their children to the local school because of the state of the road.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said pedestrian warning signs were put in at the bridge in 2012.

He added: “We have been made aware of this issue and we are investigating options for solving safety issues here, one of which is the possibility of building a new pedestrian underpass underneath the road.

“The issue was discussed at a county local committee meeting in December 2013 where an investigation into future options was agreed.”