RAVERS will get their glow sticks out early at a pre-work disco.

A new enterprise is hoping to get Brighton’s office workers raring to go, with breakfast time clubbing.

The Morning Gloryville event will swap the rave staples of drink and drugs with smoothies and massage.

Organisers, who have already started the popular pre-work raves in London and New York, hope to make the Brighton events a monthly occurrence.

A team of Wake Up Angels will offer free massages, world-class DJs, a motivational dance team, yoga teachers and a pumping dance floor to help people rave their way into the day.

Founder Samantha Moyo said: “We can’t wait to kick things off in Brighton, a city that’s full of passion, creativity and open-minded people who love to try new things.

“Our primary aim in creating these events is to infuse connectivity, energy and wellbeing into the city. Besides being a vigorous workout, Morning Gloryville offers city dwellers from all backgrounds, ages and professions a fun healthy way to relax their minds, shake off their inhibitions and plug into the energy of oneness.

“The overwhelming response from our attendees is that the positive energising experience leads to them being more enthusiastic, productive and empowered at work.

“Go to an interview after Morning Gloryville and you will get the job. If not, money back guarantee.”

Brighton organiser Jim Mitchell added: “The simple yet explosive experience of really letting go with hundreds of others in a bright and welcoming environment, while sober, was far easier than I expected.

“After about 20 minutes of toe tapping there was nothing for it but three and a half hours of raving like there was no tomorrow.

“Afterwards, however, there was an entire day to spread the vibes nurtured by the beaming smiles that surrounded us for those four hours of blissful celebration.

“Being part of that one celebration filled me with a passion to spread the vibe.

“The news of the arrival of Morning Gloryville in my hometown of Brighton has been received by people with open arms.”

The first early morning rave will be held at Shoosh, in the Kings Road Arches, from 6.30am to 10.30am on June 19.