A mother has put out a warning to pet owners after her cat died from eating anti-freeze.

Heather Piantino said her family including her 13-year-old daughter Rosie were devastated to learn that their four-year-old cat Tabby would have to be put down on Thursday after eating anti-freeze.

Mrs Piantino, from Penstone Park in Lancing, said she had heard that up to a dozen more cats and dogs could have been poisoned and said she was concerned that it might be someone deliberately targeting animals.

She said she took the cat first to Northdale Vets in Crabtree Lane and then to the pet hospital in Victoria Road, Worthing, but unfortunately veterinary staff were unable to save the cat.

Mrs Piantino said: “The vets told me cats and dogs absolutely love anti-freeze because it is so sweet.

“I thought at first it might be an accident but maybe somebody is putting out anti-freeze deliberately.

“I am not sure why but there are some sick people out there and I have read about it happening elsewhere in the country.

“I have two other cats I am really worried about because I can’t keep them in the house.”