A CAFE opening next month will serve up a real dog’s dinner.

The Chubby Chops dog cafe will start trading on Wednesday in Brighton Square, in the heart of The Lanes, Brighton.

While there are dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in the city this is thought to be the first cafe catering exclusively for dog lovers and their pets.

Joel Ariaman, joint owner and manager with his partner Alex Ziembinska, said: “When we first told people about the idea some of them thought we were crazy. But now we’re actually doing it the response has been that it’s a brilliant idea.

“After all Brighton is a very dog friendly city.”

Mr Ariaman, 29, and Miss Ziembinska, 24, who live above the shop in Brighton Square, got the idea for the venture when they found that many cafes would not allow their French bulldog puppy Bonnie inside.

Mr Ariaman said: “With other cafes dogs are allowed in if they sit still and don’t move.

“At Chubby Chops they can roam around the cafe, play with toys and sleep in beds.

“Dog lovers can come to our cafe to have brilliant coffees and amazing deserts and food, while the dogs can play with other dogs and have their own treats and snacks.”

The doggy menu includes Bonnie’s Banana Biscuits, Apple and Carrot Dumplings and Woody Woof Woof Brownies.

There is also yoghurt-based ice cream available in chicken flavour or banana and apple.

All the food for both dogs and humans is made on the premises by Miss Ziembinska.

The kitchen and the coffee preparation area are separate from the dog area.

Mr Ariaman said: “People who don’t have a dog but love them can come in and play with ours.

“You’re more than welcome to come in, have a coffee and get to know us.

“The only restriction is no cats. That’s definitely our next venture.

“Watch out for a cat cafe in Brighton from the owners of Chubby Chops.”

Follow the cafe on Twitter at @doggycaffe.