A SWEET-TOOTHED “career criminal” has been jailed for stealing 111 Galaxy chocolate bars from a Poundstretcher in a shoplifting spree.

John Larkin, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to seven counts of shoplifting, stealing £500 of goods including 111 bars of chocolate, four tubs of whey protein, £264 worth of beauty cream and perfume.

He was jailed for a total of 28 weeks when he appeared before Hastings Magistrates’ Court yesterday, after committing the offences while serving a suspended sentence for battery and shoplifting.

Over a period of two weeks Larkin raided a number of shops in and around Hastings, lifting items in bulk from the stores in an effort to feed his drug habit.

On April 27 the 27-year-old managed to snatch 111 Galaxy chocolate bars, worth £1 each, from a Poundstretcher in Hastings – weighing a total 12.6kgs.

Just two days earlier he raided the store for 12 jars of Kenco and one jar of Nescafe, worth £50.17.

Larkin returned for more coffee on May 25, making off with a further six jars of Nescafe and 12 Nescafe refill packs, worth £68.88 in total.

On Monday, May 5 Larkin stole 12 tubs of Loreal face cream worth £264.70 from a Superdrug in Hastings.

He also made off with four tubs of Whey protein supplement from the Holland and Barrett in Bexhill on April 26.

On May 4 he stole four fragrances from the Hastings branch of Debenhams and on May 13 he also shoplifted from the Co-operative in St Leonards.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to provide a saliva sample while being detained.

PC Ian Riches said: “Larkin is a career criminal who went bulk shoplifting.

“He would have continued to steal to feed his drug habit until we caught him, so it is good to have him out of Hastings.”