A FAILING academy has been told its improvement plan is “not fit for purpose”.

Ofsted inspectors have also warned the bosses at Littlehampton Academy that they are not in a position to appoint newly qualified teachers.

The report, which was published on the Ofsted website this week, follows a damning inspection of the Fitzalan Road academy in February.

In that initial report, the academy, which is part of the Woodard Academies Trust, was judged by Ofsted inspectors to be “inadequate” in three out of four criteria areas.

In particular the quality of teaching and strength of leadership were highlighted as main areas of concern.

The school was placed in special measures and as a result it now receives frequent visits, the first of which was on May 15.

Another report signed off by inspector Emma Ing did praise the school in certain areas.

It said the academy had “recognised the need for rapid improvement” and had “appropriate high level plans” in place. Job descriptions had also been created so staff can be held accountable.

Weaknesses in the quality of teaching had been looked at, with programmes of training and support. And a new curriculum is being introduced in September.

However, the new inspection highlighted a number of problems which remain and failings in the improvement plan.

In particular, lessons were said to still be too long and subject to disruption from students.

With regards to the improvement of teaching, the report also stated minimum expectations in respect of the pace of improvement had not been set.

Inspector Emma Ing said: “There are not yet enough leaders of change and improvement at different levels in the school.”

She added that while the sponsor’s statement of action is fit for purpose, the academy’s improvement plan was not.

She said: “There is not enough clarity in terms of the intended impact of different actions and how these will be measured. Having considered all the evidence I strongly recommend that the academy does not seek to appoint newly qualified teachers.”

Staff at the academy have created a questions and answers sheet responding to points made in the Ofsted report.

A spokeswoman said: “We are fully aware that for change to be sustainable it has to be planned for and involve all staff and students.

“Roles and responsibilities are being finalised and once decided will be shared with the whole academy community.”