A MAN has been jailed for ten years after hitting a police officer several times over the head with a baton.

Following a five-day trial, Ross McPherson, of Teville Road, Worthing, was found guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent and affray.

After the attack, McPherson then chased the officer up the street with the baton.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that there was a joint operation being carried out between Sussex Police and British Transport Police into bike thefts and drug crimes around Worthing railway station.

During a routine check on December 4 last year, McPherson was stopped but became verbally abusive and threatening towards three police officers.

Officers used a spray on McPherson, 24, but he continued to be aggressive, the court was told.

As an officer went to draw his baton, he dropped it during a tussle with McPherson and it landed at his feet.

McPherson picked up the baton and took a swing at two female police officers, narrowly missing their heads and upper bodies.

He then chased two police officers up the street with it.

More plain-clothed officers came to help, and one of them was struck on the head a number of times with the police baton.

His injuries were not serious and McPherson was eventually stopped and arrested.

After the trial, which was held last week, Detective Sergeant Andy Hobden said that violence towards officers would not be tolerated.

He said: “The sentence sends out a clear message that violence towards police officers who are doing the job and exercising the powers bestowed upon them will not be tolerated.”