TWO football-mad brothers have released their own World Cup song.

The Credits, made up of Steve.T Standing and John Standing, have released For England and are hoping that a producer may remix and release it.

Steve revealed that both him and his brother were huge fans of the World Cup and have received inspiration for the song from another very popular England World Cup song.

He said: “I’m a massive Three Lions fan, it’s a real football song but that was 18 years ago now and I felt it was time to release a new song.”

Steve is proud that although he and his brother used Three Lions as a template, For England has its own unique sound.

He said: “There has been folk songs, there has been hip-hop songs but ours is totally unique.

“People who have listened to the song have told me that they think it’s better than Three Lions, but even if it’s as good as Three Lions then that’s a massive honour.”

Both Steve and John wanted to make sure that their song was uplifting, but did not descend into a novelty song. Steve said that he thought it was a song that the England team would enjoy.

When asked about England’s chances, Steve said: “I honestly think we’re going to win the World Cup this year, fans need to be more optimistic.”

To view For England, visit watch?v=fcvrwNdmbDY.