BEING late because of the rain may become a thing of the past thanks to a new smart alarm clock being developed at a university.

The alarm developed at the University of Brighton picks up weather and travel reports via RSS wi-fi feed and calculates the travel time needed to get to work and the best routes and methods to take.

Instead of setting the alarm for the time to wake up, users programme it for the time they want to reach their place of work.

The clever clock also incorporates low carbon travel options and displays personal incentives on burning calories and financial savings.

Sustainable product design student Samuel Young, a keen cyclist, came up with the idea as a way of encouraging people to walk or cycle to work.

He said: “Good weather reports mean you’ll have time to use sustainable transport, to walk or cycle, and cut your use of carbon fuel.”

The smart clock was among sustainable products created by design students displayed in an exhibition held this weekend at The Basement in Kensington Street, Brighton.

Other designs include student Nik Hannay’s smart helmet for American football players with pressure sensors indicating potential concussion injuries after tackles.

If the sensors pick up pressure changes in the skull, it shows a red light on the helmet and sends an alert to coaches on the touchline.

Fellow student Tommy Donovan has developed ALTA, an all-terrain board which mimics snowboarding and can be turned and stopped using weight distribution.