ONE of the founders of a leading music school has gone solo.

Damian Keyes, one of the original people behind the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, has launched his own music school to turn young children into rock icons.

The 37-year-old from Hove will be supported by a team of professional musicians to tutor youngsters from the age of seven.

Among his cast of young talent at DK Music Academy in Hove are drummers, guitarists and vocalists who have starred alongside the likes of Dizzie Rascal, Feeder and Jessie J.

Mr Keyes, who has performed alongside Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Turin Brakes, said: “Everyone likes music but people get put off the idea of learning an instrument because they think it will be all scales and classical tunes.

“We want children to fall in love with an instrument by showing them from the start how cool they are to play – and how easy it is to master their favourite songs.”

Anyone interested in taking up the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums or vocals can sign up for a free half hour taster session at the specially designed school at Hove Enterprise Centre in Basin Road North. Visit dkmusic for more.