SEVEN talented art students took it upon themselves to exhibit their own work in the capital.

The group from University of Brighton’s faculty of arts exhibited their work in London, just off Piccadilly Circus.

Art exhibition Boardroom was organised by artist Oliver Morris-Jones with the help of sponsor InfraRed Capital Partners.

The exhibition of 27 works opened on May 20, and the works were viewed by established artists, gallery owners and representatives from financial group Rothschild. Werner Von Guionneau, CEO at InfraRed, said: “Nurturing and developing creativity lies at the heart of what we do”.

Claudia Dance-Wells, one of the seven exhibitors, is now artist in residence at The Glyndbourne Opera House and will be doing a solo show entitled Iklect on Circus Street in Brighton from July 22 to 28.

These Sussex stars are moving their success further than university itself can take them.

Oliver Morris-Jones said: “As a group of young artists in the Boardroom exhibition, we stand on the edge of a treacherous but exciting art world – one that we’re all very much a part of now, but wish to play larger roles in.”