THE sky is the limit for this pair of pilots.

Captain David Woodruffe and his daughter Senior First Officer Kat Woodruffe are the only father and daughter duo currently working for a top UK airline.

The pair both began their flying careers at 20 and both currently fly Boeing 777’s for British Airways.

David, 61, from Horsham said: “I am extremely proud of Kat and of course I’m delighted that she has carried on the family tradition. Flying is clearly in our genes.

“She was absolutely determined to become a pilot, ever since she was a little girl. She focused her education and training on it.”

Kat, 32, who also lives in Horsham, said: “My dad was my inspiration to become a pilot. I grew up watching him put on his uniform and flying around the world.

“I absolutely love flying, just everything about it – the glamour, the professionalism. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

The pair have even been lucky enough to share a cockpit and have flown together on several occasions to destinations including New York, Chicago and Abu Dhabi.

David said: “We have been lucky enough to fly together several times, and of course it’s extra special to have with my daughter at the controls with me.

“It is nice, as we fly to the same long-haul destinations so we can meet up while we are away and compare notes on restaurants and things to do.

“I try to avoid flying with her too much though as it always seems to cost me money.

“Whenever we meet up or are in the same place together she always mysteriously loses her credit card or has left it at home.”

Kat is now hoping that her own daughter, 13-month-old Poppy, may continue the family tradition and also grow up to work in the ‘family trade’.

She said: “I am a mum myself now and I would absolutely love it if my daughter decided to carry on the tradition and followed in our footsteps as well.

“To become a mummy-daughter pilot team would be lovely.”