AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD discovered a “letter from heaven” when he went to his dad’s grave on Father’s Day.

Gino Valentine found a letter addressed to him under a heart-shaped stone when he left a card for his father Daryl Valentine.

Mum Gayle Valentine, who was filming her son, asked Gino what the letter said, to which he replied: “A letter from heaven.”

The youngster went on to read the poignant letter in its entirety and the video – which was posted on Facebook – went viral.

Yesterday afternoon, the video had been shared nearly 12,000 times and liked by nearly 24,000 people on the social media site.

The letter read: “Hi Gino, thank you for coming to see me on Father’s Day. I know you don’t remember me very well as I came here when you were only three and a half, but I do see you, Sophie, nanny, granddad and auntie Laura all the time, even though you can’t see me.

“I see you are doing very well at school, you have moved to Castledown which I think is a very good idea.

“And yes, I hear you saying bad words sometimes when you are angry. It’s OK to be angry, but please don’t use bad words, it isn’t very nice to hear.

“I wanted to come and see you, but I can’t, as it’s not allowed when we go to heaven, so I sneaked a letter inside for you to read.

“I know everyone misses me, and I miss you all too, but it’s good that my tummy doesn’t hurt any more and I don’t get older like mummy does.

“I hope you know how much I love you, Gino. I am always listening and watching you all, so don’t worry.

“Give nanny, granddad and auntie Laura a kiss for me please.

“Lots of love, Daddy.”

Gino then folds up the letter and tells his mum: “I’m going to take this home with us.”

The video has sparked emotional comments on Facebook, and Gino’s auntie Laura commented: “So proud of my gorgeous nephew, such a strong, brave little boy.

“Still can't stop crying when I watch this.”

Gayle Valentine, from Hastings, said on the social media site on Monday: “Thank you for everyone's kind and heartfelt words - tough day yesterday but hopefully one little boy is a bit happier.”

See the video here