A PEANUT butter addict has been rewarded after cataloguing his lust for the nutty stuff in pictures he posted online.

Todd Jordan, 30, of Brighton tweeted Whole Earth, the peanut butter manufacturer last November, joking he could not decide between their product and Sun-Pat.

The digital consultant revealed: “I tweeted them as a joke. They replied and said they would give me a loyalty card if I took ten selfies with ten empty Whole Earth jars.”

Hilarious photographs of Todd followed – pretending to fry up jars of peanut butter for dinner, enjoying a slumber party with his five best friends (peanut butter jars) and choosing to read the back of a peanut butter jar instead of a newspaper.

The saga started last November when Todd tweeted: “Did you know that Sun-Pat have bigger peanut chunks in their chunky peanut butter? I measured this morning. Care to comment?”

Whole Earth replied: “Noted Todd!”

Todd continued: “What am I supposed to do!? How can I continue to eat Whole Earth peanut butter, knowing there are bigger chunks out there?”

The following day, Whole Earth said: “We feel your pain. But perhaps our lack or sugar makes up for their extra chunks?”

Todd asked if there was a Whole Earth loyalty card before the company tweeted: “You must take ten selfies holding ten different empty jars for your loyalty card using #WholeEarthaddict for your prize.”

So Todd worked his way through a jar every few days over Christmas.

Following what must have been a peanut butter overload, Todd eventually posted his selfies on April 5.

On May 29 his friend Beth Granter reminded tweeted a timely reminder.

She tweeted: “C'mon @wholeearthfoods, you promised @toddsjordan a loyalty card and he responded. Pay up!”

Whole Earth delivered a year’s supply of peanut butter on Monday.

Mr Jordan lives with his fiancée Carla Foss, also a big peanut butter fan.

Asked if the pair of them were truly addicted, Mr Jordan said: “I'd say I get through a jar a week, and Carla has a bit, but it's mainly me.”

A spokesperson for Whole Earth said: “Whole Earth is proud to play an active role on social media and we wholly encourage people such as Todd to share their love of peanut butter - we're all nuts about it.”

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