A WORLD Cup fan has ordered a curry to be flown out to Brazil from a Sussex restaurant.

Chilcha restaurant in Worthing is making 12 portions of fish curry for a group of fans who are in South America for the tournament.

Mohammed Wahid, owner and chef at Chilcha restaurant, was excited to be dealing with such an unusual request.

Mr Wahid revealed that he received a call last week, asking for an order to be sent to Brazil.

He said: “It’s very exciting, it’s something new for me.”

The curry will be picked up in Brazil by Mustafa Azim, who will personally deliver the curry to his friends..

Chilcha has provided fish curry for Mr Azim before when he was working on the London set of the blockbuster film The Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise, and he was impressed with their service.

He said: “You can’t just walk into an Indian restaurant and order a fish curry and what they prepared for us last time was very good.”

Mr Azim is taking the curry over to Brazil when he flies there on Wednesday to meet his friends.

They have asked him to bring it after telling him they cannot find any Indian curry in Brazil.

Mr Azim said: “A couple of my friends have flown out to Brazil and they have said there aren’t any Indian restaurants in Brazil.”

Mr Azim and his friends have tickets for the World Cup final and were hoping to see England but their early exit has left them disappointed.

Mr Azim, who owns an aircraft salvage company, said: “I saw both of the England games here and it was really upsetting.

“It would have been nice to get to see England in at least one game but that won’t be happening now.”

The frozen portions of curry will be stored in special containers on Mr Azim’s flight to Brazil and will have travelled 5,718 miles when the delivery reaches Rio de Janeiro.