So here we have it: our council leader being asked questions from the residents of the city he is employed by to answer questions regarding unauthorised traveller sites.

And guess what? He hardly answered any of the questions.

Why? Because he is a politician. Very few of which know how to give a straight answer.

The reason that our city’s traveller problem is on the increase is because their community know that this city is an easy touch.

I’m not a lawyer but the situation in my considered opinion is fairly simple.

If I were to drive my car over the grass of, say, Hove park causing considerable damage to said grass I’m sure I would not only be removed immediately but arrested and fined.

If I were to walk along any street in our city and drop litter, I would receive a fine.

If I have, say, one extra bag of rubbish over my bin allocation I’m met with comments from the bin men: “Well if everyone did that.”

So here we have strict measures to keep us in check so public order, health and safety and the status quo are kept.

Our leader says: “We” don’t want fortress Brighton. Really, who doesn’t?

I want a city that looks at using or applying for legislation that enables the police and council to stop anti-social behaviour.

Defences can be used other than concrete but any defences must be used in conjunction with CCTV and signage.

That way anyone crossing on to the land will be in breach and can have their vehicles clamped until a fine is paid.

Don’t provide bins at our cost. If litter is dropped then fine those responsible.

By all means find a site on the outskirts of the city with facilities for which they can pay.

We are one of the most inclusive cities in the world, thank goodness, but we are not mugs to be taken for granted.

Chris Pobjoy Old Shoreham Road Portslade