A GROUNDBREAKING exhibition is taking a critical and comedic look at the power of open data.

Data as Culture, which opened at Lighthouse, Kensington Street, Brighton, at the weekend, will raise questions about surveillance and privacy.

It will also explore the potential for data to empower and examine the myriad ways data reflects and affects our lives.

Co–commissioned with the Open Data Institute and Future Everything Festival, the exhibition runs from June 21 to July 20.

Shiri Shalmy, exhibition curator, said: “The question of ownership over data, personal and public, is understood as a question of authority. It is this tension between secret agents and personal agency that the exhibition attempts to explore.

“The artists employ a range of strategies to expose and share data, while interrogating the accessibility of the gathered information and the potential for claiming it back as public knowledge.”

Lighthouse is a digital culture agency based in Brighton, which supports, commissions and exhibits work by artists and filmmakers.

It presents digital art and moving image in its Brighton venue and beyond, nationally and internationally.

For more information about the exhibition go to www.lighthouse .org.uk/programme/data–as–culture