Residents of a Sussex village were in a stand-off with travellers in an attempt to stop them entering a popular field.

Eleven caravans are now on Nepcote Field in Findon after they moved onto the site about an hour ago.

Angry residents managed to stop more vehicles entering the field, but were not able to contain the initial group.

One man who was involved in the stand-off said: "We got out there to block the roads and make sure no more vehicles could get by.

"They must've broken the barrier last night in preparation to move on there today.

"We had the same problem last year and they caused absolute devastation.

"The mess they left was unbelievable - rubbish, excrement, the lot.

"It took 60 of us to clear up what they left behind.

"The community is pretty upset at the moment as you can imagine."

Sussex Police are at the scene.

More to follow.