SEVEN schoolmates have qualified for a district team following a golden wave of success at athletics meets.

After some show-stopping performances at the Sussex Schools Athletics Championships on Saturday June 14, seven Bede's students qualified to compete for the Eastbourne District team.

Rebekah Morris, George Marsh, Doug Bichan, Marcus Hendry, Jude Florshultz, and Alice Fenton will all make the step up.

Luca Page also managed to qualify but broke his wrist, which will prevent him from competing in the next round.

Every athlete came first or second in the recent district qualifying competition and, with the exception of Luca, they will all now compete at the district competition this coming weekend.

Bede's Athletics Coach David Caryer said: "This coming Saturday will be a great opportunity for them to compete at a high class venue like the K2 Crawley.

"If they come in the top two, they will qualify to represent Sussex, so fingers are very much crossed."