A TAILOR has been threatened after a man started a protest outside his shop.

Amit Daruka has been stood outside Gresham Blake’s shop in Bond Street, Brighton since Saturday with a sign alleging the company owes him £24,000.

However the firm say Mr Daruka’s allegations are untrue.

Yesterday the designer’s wife, Fal Blake considered launching her own counter protest in desperation at customers being turned away, her staff facing abuse and her husband being spat at and threatened with violence.

The dispute centres around corporate wear but has nothing to do with the company's bespoke service.

Mr Daruka claims the Brighton tailor has not paid for shirts made by his factory - an allegation the North Laine company strenuosly deny.

He said: “We have a small factory in Bombay and I made shirts for Gresham Blake for three years, but the last few invoices haven’t been paid.

“I had a very good relationship with them, I just want my money.”

However, Mrs Blake said that she had made repeated attempts to resolve a dispute with Mr Daruka, who she says had incorrectly invoiced the company.

Mr Blake – who has created unique designs worn by the likes of newsreader Krishnan Guru Murphy, rocker Nick Cave and TV presenter Chris Evans – said the protest is affecting trade.

He said: “We have lost lots of business over this but we can’t really afford to take him to court to take out an injunction to stop him.

“If we owed him that money we would have just paid it.

“People have been shouting and spitting at me over it.”

Mrs Blake added: “This is incredibly damaging to our business – I’m going to do my own protest and show people all my evidence.”

Mrs Blake said that Gresham Blake Ltd did place a number of orders with Mr Daruka’s firm – Daruka Impek – and were initially pleased with the arrangement. However they say Mr Daruka was late with orders and she said they then lost vital contracts.

She said the supplier has overcharged on the invoices.

She added: “If you came into our shop and bought a suit from us you wouldn’t expect to pay for it twice. It’s the same situation.

“We are more than happy to pay him once the invoicing dispute is resolved.”