MORE than 100,000 petrolheads have made their annual pilgrimage to West Sussex for The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This year’s festival promises flying cars and appearances from former Formula 1 world champions.

The Skycar, the world’s first road legal flying car, will be exhibited at the Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice stand today.

Neil Laughton, who piloted the Skycar on a 10,000km journey from London to Timbuktu, said: “The Skycar is the ultimate child fantasy.

“Who doesn’t dream of a magical car that can fly?

“I hope that by exhibiting the Skycar at the Festival of Speed, it will encourage festival goers to visit the Chestnut Tree House stand and get involved with this very worthy charity, a few miles from Goodwood.”

The four most desirable cars in the world will travel up the famous Goodwood Hill today – the McLaren P1, the Porche 918, the LA Ferrari and the Koenigsegg One.

The theme of the 2014 Festival is Addicted to Winning, which will pay tribute to motorsport champions who rewrote the racing standards of their day. The Festival was founded by Lord March in 1993 to bring motor racing back to the Goodwood Estate.

Lord March opened the Goodwood Moving Motor Show yesterday.

He said: “It is really great to have you all here, to enjoy the greatest Festival of Speed and Moving Motor Show line up in our 21 year history.”

Entrances at Goodwood open at 6.50am and the first event today is scheduled to start at 8.30am.

The festival is being held at the Goodwood Aerodrome in Chichester.