A PRANK has made a man famous after reports that he stripped naked and sung “It's Raining Men” during a job interview.

Mukhtar Mirza, from Crawley, has been inundated with calls from newspapers and national television stations after a story of a phoney job interview went viral.

But The Argus can reveal thatMr Mirza knew his interviews and the strip was all a set-up.

A friend of the family said Mr Mirza's phone has not stopped ringing as the story of his prank has now gone viral.

She said that Mr Mirza's story was just a prank between friends that had backfired and got out of hand.

National papers picked up on the story saying the 32-year-old entered his interview for an IT job at the NBS recruitment office in Crawley and seductively stripped off his clothes while singing the hit by The Weather Girls.

His fake CV included false claims that he had previous experience of “sex trafficking women from the Middle East”.

And the mocked up rejection letter was posted on Twitter, praising his “disco-diva performance” but declining to offer the job and saying his striptease routine was “unnecessary”.

The tweet was then picked up by the media and the number of retweets keeps on growing.

His wacky performance featured an in-character interview in which he boasted “every company needs someone like me” and saying “it is important these days to do something to help you stand out”.

He said: “"When they asked me if they could put it on Twitter, I thought 'why not?' Now it keeps getting retweeted all over the place."I might have laid it on a bit thick during the interview, but really want a job you see.

"There's not a lot on offer these days, so it's important these days to do something that helps you stand out."I'm pretty sure most companies could secretly use a person like me working for them.

"The only 'medical attention' I'll need to get is for the burns I keep getting - because when it comes to impressing future bosses, I'm quite literally on fire."

With his prank now bringing him such attention Mr Mirza declined to be interviewed further and now wants to put his viral fame behind him.

Mr Mirza said: “I did not take my shirt off, I did not talk about sex trafficking. It was a laugh amongst friends that got out of hand.”