A BOMB disposal unit was called when police officers discovered a massive haul of firearms and ammunition.

The armoury was discovered yesterday when police were called to Larkfield Way, Brighton.

Officers were told about the firearms after the property owner died and they found the horded arsenal of an “avid gun collector”.

Police were told there were two or three guns in the house but when they arrived they got a shock when they discovered 70 weapons – some of them still live and loaded.

The haul was removed from the property by the police and catalogued with officers counting 40 hand guns, 30 rifles and one hand grenade.

The grenade was a period weapon from the Second World War and prompted the callout from the bomb disposal unit.

The rifles had been decommissioned but many of the handguns were live Sergeant Chris Lane said: “Let’s say it wasn’t our usual day at the office.

“We were told we might find two or three firearms at the house but were amazed to find 70. The late owner who lived at the house was obviously an avid gun collector.”

The firearms have been removed by officers and secured and enquiries will be made into their origins.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I saw the police taking guns out of the property. I thought they were memorabilia.

“I saw two police officers guarding the house.”