THOUSANDS turned up for a party doused in a riot of colour. Music lovers flocked to Brighton Racecourse on Saturday to join in the city’s first ever HOLI ONE festival.

They enjoyed a packed day of colour, excitement and entertainment from a host of DJs, including Tim Cullen, resident DJ at London’s Ministry of Sound in London.

Against a backdrop of dance and DJ music, revellers at HOLI ONE threw powders into the air to create a kaleidoscope of colour and excitement to celebrate togetherness and the colour of everyday life. Last year HOLI ONE Colour festivals were attended by 100,000 people worldwide and took place in London, South Africa and Berlin.

Stephan Dau, founder of HOLI ONE Colour Festivals, was amazed at the turnout.

He said: “We were overwhelmed with the number of people that attended the event.

“Brighton Racecourse has provided the perfect venue for people to celebrate the colour of everyday life with their friends.

“We’re really looking forward to the rest of our tour of HOLI ONE festivals in the UK this year.”

One of the DJs was Ben Wood, 24, from South Wales who played to about 1,400 people in his first gig in Sussex.

He said: “I emailed the owner and asked if they were looking for a DJ and thankfully I got the gig.

“It was good fun, a great laugh and a great atmosphere.

“No fighting and it’s such a great set up at the racecourse too.

“I’ve been down here a few times. It’s a great city and I really like it down here.”