ANGRY traders believe roadworks are so perilous for pedestrians that they are losing trade.

Businesses on Edward Street are worried about customers and said they have suffered a loss of trade.

The work, to cost £1million, started in March and is scheduled to finish in October.

John Easterby, owner of Verdicts Cafe Jazz Club, said: “Overnight my business has dropped 60 per cent because 90 per cent of it comes from across the road.”

Mr Easterby stated the reason was people don’t want to cross the road.

Mr Easterby said: “I’ve seen three or four near misses. There’s no room for cars and cyclists to travel together.”

Kate Gregory, jazz club manager, said: “John’s not over reacting.Someone will get killed.”

The roadworks will result in one of the lanes being turned into a shared lane for buses, taxis and bikes.

Jimmy Richardson, who has owned Jimmy’s barbers for 55 years, said: “We’re 50 per cent down as people can’t get to us. Whatever complaints you make it doesn’t make any difference.

Mrs Sharma, co-owner of the newsagents on Edward Street, said: “I don’t understand why the council is doing this. Has the council got too much money?”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said the council always apologises for roadworks.

He said: “While there’s inevitable short term disruption, in the longer-term this scheme will benefit traders by radically improving access.

“We have put out signs warning pedestrians to look both ways at a temporary crossing point.”

The council also plans to install a temporary pelican crossing as a safety measure.