INTERACTIVE media players have been installed in city taxis to target customers with location-based news and advertising. Information service Qaboo has teamed up with Brighton’s Streamline taxis to install in-car screens.

The company has also conducted research into the typical passenger to better target its content.

Qaboo, based in Burgess Hill, will use the data to provide passengers with location-based news, deals, trivia, events and weather while they travel. It will also advertise business to travellers, based on the reasons they are likely to be visiting parts of the city at certain times of day.

Anthony Parkins, managing director of Qaboo, said: “Our research shows massive numbers of visitors to Brighton hop straight in a cab to take them to the shops or out for a meal.

“We want to help local retailers to capitalise on this huge range of potential customers. Rather than reading the paper or playing around on your phone, you can find out all about the places you might like to visit during your stay.”

Jeff Howell, a Streamline driver, said: “When you pick fares from out of town up at the train or bus station, they’ll often ask for the best places to eat, or what’s going on in Brighton today.

“Drivers used to be the oracle on where to go, what to see and do, and now Qaboo is helping us to fulfil that role much more efficiently.”