Intenso Espresso Bar, in Portland Road, Hove, is offering yet another reason to sign up to The Argus Card scheme.

Customers with the card will receive a free syrup shot in any coffee and can buy a double espresso for just £1.

Intenso combines artisanal coffee with the relaxed, upbeat atmosphere of a “chill-out room”.

Now in its ninth year, the cafe was set up by fans of the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza and mimics the club vibe with mellow house music, laser lights and billowing white sails draped across the ceiling.

Julian Preston-Howard, founder, said: “I don’t think customers should pay full price when they first try someone’s product – it’s not fair as they have no idea whether they will like it. Paying for a bad coffee is like throwing money away.

“Our coffee hasn’t changed in nine years, and we have loyal customers who are a testament to its quality.”

The Argus Card gives a range of fantastic discounts at restaurants, shops, salons and other businesses across the county.

To activate your card and view all available discounts visit or call 0500 101 606.