A corner shop could be forced to stop selling alcohol for three months after underage customers bought lager and cider in a police sting.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s licensing panel has agreed to suspend the licence of the Local Star convenience store in Edward Street for three months.

The move comes after a Sussex Police test purchase operation caught staff selling alcohol to a 17-year-old in February and to a 15-year-old in April.

Police papers calling for a review of the premises’ licence also stated that the shop was known to sell high-strength alcohol to street drinkers.

The shop has a licence to sell alcohol everyday between 6am and midnight.

The panel was also told yesterday that since the incidents, the licence holder Lokman Tiryaki has worked with the police to rectify the situation and a memorandum of agreement had been signed by both parties.

The council panel also agreed to other recommendations by Sussex Police that the shop should enforce a Challenge 21 policy and maintain a refusals book listing all customers who have been turned away for being too drunk.

Councillor Stephanie Powell, chair of the licensing panel, said: “The panel would like to make it known to the premises licence holder that this is a serious case and that our decision has given them the opportunity to ensure they comply with the licensing objectives.

“Should any further breaches take place, they run the risk of full revocation.”

The shop’ licence holder has until August 1 to appeal the decision before the suspension comes into force and will end on October 31.