Schoolchildren celebrated taking their first steps into adolescence in a coming of age parade.

The theme for this year’s Moving on Ceremony was Lights, Camera Action, with children from 14 primary schools across Lewes dressing up as their favourite stars from the big screen.

Despite the poor weather, both parents and children remained in a carnival spirit.

Organiser Caroline Croft said: “Despite the weather it’s been absolutely brilliant.

“We’ve been raising money for this all year and so have the school.

“It’s just a gorgeous event.”

The parade started at 12.30pm at the Paddock, going past New Road and Westgate Street to the centre of Lewes, before returning for the Party in the Paddock for refreshments and live music.

Victoria Cadogan-Rawlinson, parent at Lewes New School, said that the parade was a bittersweet moment for her as both of her children have now left primary school.

She said: “Lewes is such a great community and it’s likely these children will be in this community for the rest of their lives, it’s a huge rite of passage.”

Pupils from Lewes New School chose a Doctor Who theme for the parade, with a fleet of Darleks led by Mrs Cadogan-Rawlinson.

Patina, a network of parents, teachers, artists and volunteers - and organisers of the event - aim to raise £10,000 each year for the parade.

Kevin Scott, business liaison officer for the parade, said: “It’s such a special time when you’re moving on so it’s a special day for the children and what we’ve tried to do is bring carnival art to Lewes.”

Emma Lewis, parent at Western Road Community Primary School, said: “It’s a brilliant opportunity for the children to get stuck into some art despite the weather.

I think it’s just a brilliant way of parents and teachers working together.”