A FOOTBALLER from West Sussex has become the first player to be booked for taking a ‘selfie’ during a game.

Dom Dwyer, 23, born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, has become an internet hit after taking a picture of himself celebrating a goal for Sporting Kansas City.

Dwyer took the selfie after opening the scoring in his teams’ match against Chicago Fire in the top league in the US – Major League Soccer (MLS).

He told The Argus it was all planned with a substitute holding a smartphone on the sidelines in case he scored.

He said: “It was a big goal at that point of the match so of course you’re going to celebrate, “I love interacting with the fans.

“One of the guys here at Sporting had texted me the night before saying I was going to score and there would be a phone waiting if I wanted to do it.”

Dwyer added: “We’re in the entertainment business so why not have some fun at the same time.

“It was just fun, in the moment thing and teammate Soony Saad jumped in the picture too so it was perfect, the fans were excited so it was nice to see.”

Unfortunately for Dwyer, Allan Kelly, the referee, did not see the funny side and booked him for excessive celebration.

This means that Dwyer is the first footballer ever to have been booked for taking a selfie during a match.

Dwyer was born in Cuckfield and lived in Uckfield, East Sussex until he was nine.

He said: “Most of my early memories are related to football, playing in the streets and backyard with my friends.”

Despite receiving worldwide coverage about his celebration, Dwyer was more pleased with his goal.

He said: “All the hype about it is funny because everybody is excited about the selfie whereas I was more excited with my finish – everybody seems to have forgotten about that.”

Despite opening the scoring, Sporting Kansas City went on to draw the game with Chicago Fire 1-1.

Dwyer has enjoyed a prolific 2014 season, scoring 15 goals, bagging more goals than Jermain Defoe and Thierry Henry in the MLS.