Zoo keepers are trying to keep a lid on the “panda-monium” brought on by the safe delivery of two red panda babies.

Staff at Drusillas Park are shouting wam-bam-boo following the first Red Panda births in the zoo’s 89 year history.

The twins, which are a boy and a girl, where born on last month and were discovered by head keeper Mark Kenward during his early morning rounds.

Red panda parents Tibao and Mulan were first brought to the zoo in April 2013 as part of the European breeding programme.

The zoo staff said that this is the first time that both animals have become parents and they are proving to be naturals despite the difficulties in conception.

As with the giant panda, female red pandas are only fertile for just one day a year and can delay implantation until conditions are favourable.

Now nearly a month old, the panda puffs are gaining between 7-20g a day and have just started to open their eyes. Mr Kenward said: “I entered the panda enclosure and was immediately met by Tibao, our male panda.

“Unable to see our female, Mulan, I called to her. She appeared from one of the nest boxes shortly after carrying a baby gently in her mouth.

“She bought the cub over, as if to show me, before returning to the box. I can’t explain how happy I was.”