Parents have delivered a resounding no in a poll on whether their children’s school should become an academy.

A council-run ballot of parents at Hove Park School has found that the majority of parents, more than two to one, do not support the school adopting academy status.

Last month Green councillors proposed a ballot of parents at Hove Park after the school opted not to consult them.

The results counted this evening, found 71% of the 544 respondents were opposed to academy status.

More than 90% of staff are opposed to the proposals and will strike tomorrow in opposition to them.

Natasha Steel, a parent at Hove Park School and spokeswoman for Hands Off Hove Park School said: “The council’s ballot of parents shows just how strong local feeling is against academy conversion.

“It is hard to see how the governors can go ahead with such an unpopular decision in the face of such strong and universal opposition."

Councillor Sue Shanks, lead member for children’s services, proposed the ballot.

She said: “Parents’ clear views show how important this issue is to so many at the school, and I strongly urge the school’s governors to take this into account when they make their decision on academy status.”

More than one third of the 1528 ballots sent out to parents were filled out and returned in time.

The final decision on academy status will be made by the school’s governors in the autumn.