A FORMER Varndean College film student’s dreams came true when he flew to New York to direct a documentary for Guinness.

Independent film maker Christopher Brown, 26, who works under the stage name Browzan, scooped up one of this year’s Cannes production grants from Guinness and Mofilm.

Within a week of entering the competition, he had quit his job with BBC3 and flown to America to direct a short film, which has been put forward to be selected for the Guinness ‘Stories of More’ advertising campaign.

Talent Brighton-born Christopher, who premiered his first independent film at Cannes in 2011, was encouraged to put his work forward for the grant by a Mofilm staff member who had spotted his talent.

He said: “I was feeling uninspired on my morning commute but had a sudden realisation that I could win the grant, I rushed home after work and entered.”

It was only a week later when Christopher found out he had won the money.

He said: “I was elated. I’d always dreamed of going to NYC to make a film and booked flights straight away.”

The documentary, filmed by Christopher and his co-director David “Husky” Nwikpo, follows a Brooklyn man who turned his life around with a love of photography.

Directing the film wasn’t without its obstacles, navigating New York subways and having creative differences, but Christopher described the trip as “six days of pure inspiration”.

Director of Mofilm, Kerry Gaffney, said: “We awarded Christopher a production grant because we thought the protagonist was really interesting and we wanted to see his story unfold.”

Having started making films in his teens, Christopher is urging other young film students to keep pursuing their passions, he said: “The experience taught me that anything is possible in life, if you truly believe.”

“There are so many opportunities waiting so keep plugging away no matter what, rejections are guaranteed in life but the ones who make it are the ones who never give up.”