THE PRETTIEST pooches and most handsome hounds were on display at an annual dog show.

Pride Dog Show 2014 had a fine parade of four-legged models on show with prizes galore for those canines that caught the eye.

This year’s event was held at Hove RFC in Shirley Drive and was carried out under the watchful eye of staff from Coastway Veterinary Group and The Dogs Trust.

A whole range of local firms and charities dug deep to provide prizes for the top performers during the day-long event Kitty In The City Cat Rescue, Paw Prints Café, Twit Twoo Bakery, Doggy Doodles and The Spotted Dog Company among many others.

Local businesswoman Kristy Adams tweeted from the event: “It is difficult to choose a winner at Hove Rec today, Doggy Pride has been a great community event.”