A FORMER spy who parachuted into Nazi occupied Europe behind enemy lines during World War Two dressed as a nun has died aged 94.

Margaret Spencer, who was a long time resident of Westham, near Eastbourne, was captured by the German Gestapo during the war and in a separate incident shot in the back by a sniper.

However, she was unable to tell anyone of her heroics until she was 77 after signing the Official Secrets Act.

After leaving the Secret Intelligence Service – later known as MI6 – she lived in Westham where she worked as a community nurse and midwife – with the bullet still lodged near her spine.

She was recruited at the start of the war, given a pistol and instructed to round up German spies and Communists along the south coast.

She did all this while she was still working as a nurse.

She was also involved in operations in occupied Europe and was once parachuted in dressed as a nun.

During one of her daring missions she was captured by the brutal Nazi secret police – the Gestapo.

She was also shot by a German sniper and she remarkably lived the rest of her life with the bullet lodged in her back.

Following the war she was forced to keep her experiences a secret and was only allowed to reveal her heroics – and hand back her gun – at the age of 77.

She had lived in Willoughby Court, Eastbourne with her husband Len, before later moving to Westham.

There she was a popular member of the community as choirmaster at St Mary’s Church. She was also a keen member of the local history group and an active member of the church.

Among those paying tribute was Jill Parsons, of nearby Stone Cross.

She described Mrs Spencer as a “wonderful woman” adding: “She was well known in the community and very popular.

“She came to our local group a few years ago and told us about her time in the war. She wasn’t one to show off about what she did. She was incredible.”

“She lived here for a long time.

I’ve been here for 30 years and she was here before me.”

Alison Hillman, clerk at Westham Parish Council, said: “She would speak to the children about her stories, she was a real inspiration to them.”

She died on June 23 and her funeral was held at St Mary’s Church in Westham on Saturday July 12.

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