A toddler has become an unwitting internet star after her dad stole her nose.

Almost half a million people have watched a video that Kalila Momplé, from Brighton, filmed of her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Kyra on YouTube in tears after she was the victim of an age-old trick.

However, Kyra’s very real anguish was just the result of the classic “got your nose” game played by parents everywhere.

Hysterical Kyra can be seen weeping as she tells her mother: “I’ve lost my nose.”

She said: “Daddy took my nose and I’ve lost it now.

“Where’s my nose gone? I don’t know what’s happened? I can’t find it anywhere.”

Ms Momplé then tells her daughter to go and ask her daddy nicely to give it back.

The two-year-old can then be seen getting up and walking over to her father to ask: “Daddy, please can I have it back? Please daddy can I have my nose back?”

Her father then reverses the trick and Kyra immediately stops crying and shines a beaming smile at the camera.

Ms Momplé asks: “Did you get it back? Are you happy now?”

She replies: “Yes.”

Since Ms Momplé posted the video on YouTube, more than 445,000 people have watched the hilarious heart-warming clip.

She said: “Kyra is very funny and we are always filming her doing amusing things so we decided to share some on YouTube.

“The response we have had from her first video is amazing.

“We will be posting more videos that we think might be funny or cute. We hope you enjoy her as much as we do.”

Kyra already has a legion of fans on the video-sharing site.

One said: “What an amazing, cute little baby.”

Shrimpsquiggles said: “This is beyond cute.”