The brother of Britain’s first suicide bomber in Syria has appeared in a poignant video which aims to stem the flow of people travelling to war-ravaged regions in the Middle East.

Hafeez Majeed, brother of Abdul Waheed Majeed, who drove a truck full of explosives into Aleppo prison in Syria in February, is one of three case studies taking part in a Government video produced to tackle the problem of young men travelling to Syria.

Abdul Waheed Majeed left his three children and wife behind at Martyrs Avenue in Crawley when he carried out the attack which freed 300 inmates.

Hafeez said: “We heard reports that a man had carried out an attack on Aleppo prison.

“Time elapsed, about three or four days, and then we saw a video.

“On that video we saw my brother, my mother and father’s son, preparing to carry out the attack.

“It was very traumatic for us to see that video footage of him standing next to that vehicle.

“For me and for mum and dad, when we did see those last moments of him on that video, that’s when we really felt a lot of grief.

“My heartbeat decreased so much that it actually felt like it was stopping.

“Normally, parents expect to leave this world before their children do.

“Words just can’t describe the amount of pain and the anguish.

“My brother’s wife feels like she has lost her soulmate. Her life is void now without my brother. We’re all still coming to terms with what it has done to us as a family.”

The video is produced by the charity FAST – Families Against Stress and Trauma.

Saleha Jaffer, from the charity, said: “We know that many more British people are travelling to Syria. That means many families are experiencing the same anxiety and loss.

“Families can really make a difference. If you know someone is planning on going to Syria, please reach out.

“You do have the power to protect those whom you love.”

Hafeez added: “You always in life need someone to rely on, and I relied heavily on my brother.

“I suppose my brother was my best friend as well and I spent the majority of my time with him doing things.

“He brought so much happiness to all of us really.”