A WIDOWER and his three young daughters have been left miserable by construction work that begins at 6am every day.

Mohamed Alqueshawi, 47, lives next to the student block being constructed on the site of the old Co-op building in London Road, Brighton.

His house in London Terrace is subjected to “noise, banging, shouting and swearing” every day of the week.

He said: “The noise is horrendous and you don’t want to hear the language they talk to each other with.”

Mr Alqueshawi’s wife passed away in September 2012 from cancer, leaving him to raise his three daughters, aged two-and-a-half, seven and nine.

He said his family were forced to endure the noise because he could not afford to take his children out of the house outside school hours.

Mr Alqueshawi, who has back problems and is registered disabled, said the council did nothing to help – until he complained to The Argus.

He claims workers have not listened when he has mentioned the noise, which has been ringing out across his road for about 19 months.

The London Road Area Local Action Team acknowledged the work had caused “considerable disturbance to immediate neighbours”.

Last year, contractors on the site were prosecuted by Brighton and Hove City Council for breaching noise regulations.

Two companies, Watkin Jones and Son and Wring Group, were fined.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We received a complaint last week about noise from articles being dropped into skips at 6am and skips being collected at 6.30am.

“We are already acting on this. The contractors involved were contacted immediately and we are installing a noise recording device in the complainant’s premises to record early morning noisy work.

“If the early morning noise nuisance continues to affect the complainant in their home and the contractor is failing to follow the appropriate noise regulations, we will not hesitate to take further action, which could include court proceedings.”

Watkin Jones, the site contractor, had not responded to requests for comment by the time The Argus went to press.

Demolition company Wring Group is no longer involved.