A father of three has slammed a council for “doing nothing” about a bed bug infestation in a block of flats.

Steffen Foster, 26, who lives with his girlfriend in St James’s House in High Street, Brighton, claims his children have been covered with bite marks.

His youngest child, just two–and–a–half, has two bite lumps on his arm.

The couple moved into St James’s House in April 2013.

Last October they approached Brighton and Hove City Council about the problem but claims they have not treated the problem.

Mr Foster spent £230 of his own benefits trying to get rid of the bed bugs but it did not work.

He went back to the council and they sent out pest control experts who temporarily remedied the problem. However, the bed bugs are now back.

He said: “It is disgusting – they know the bed bugs are there.

“We had bed bugs here last year but this time the council say they are not doing it.”

He claims the council’s pest control team told him last Thursday that they knew bed bugs were in the block for five years but that clearing the infestation was “not worth our while because it is going to cost too much money”.

Mr Foster bought some bed bug solution from the council’s offices in Bartholomew Square for £15 – only to find it should only be used by professional pest controllers.

Mr Foster said: “The council has just brushed me off.

“It’s shocking. They just don’t care.”

Mr Foster used to live in a one–bed flat in Whitehawk with his girlfriend and three children, 2, 4 and 7.

He added: “We are clean people and I feel like a tramp living in this situation.

“It is my kids I feel sorry for. It’s depressing.”

It was only after The Argus photographed Mr Foster and his family yesterday that the pest control team turned up to survey the scene.

Mr Foster claims the council told him not to speak to the press.

The Argus called the council on several occasions to seek comment on the issue but they failed to respond.