Travellers who pitched up on a public park yesterday evening were evicted this morning.

A group of four caravans and associated vehicles settled on Carden Park next to Carden Avenue in Hollingbury, Brighton.

Sussex Police was at the scene when an Argus photographer took this picture.

When The Argus visited the site shortly before 7am this morning, it found the gate to the park entrance, and its securing post, had been uprooted and tossed to one side.

A large log previously across the entrance has also been rolled to one side.

Brighton and Hove City Council confirmed the travellers were to be evicted.

A section 61 notice was issued and they were told to leave the park.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said a 39-year-old man was arrested for "failing to comply with a requirement to leave" contrary to the Section 61 order.

It is understood a group of travellers is also on land overlooking Waterhall, where sheep normally graze, on the edge of Brighton.