A couple have documented their life together and the growth of their family by compiling pictures taken in photo booths.

Seaford couple Giles Paley-Phillips, 36, and his wife, Michelle, 32, first popped into one of the public machines in 2000, when they were a couple of months into their courtship.

They found themselves repeating the picture pose once a year, with changing hairstyles, engagement, marriage and their two cute children all forming part of their 14-year photo story.

The charming pictures start when Michelle was 18 and Giles was 23, and chart their life as the couple become parents to Elijah, seven, and Sonny, five.

Mr Paley-Philips said: “The first photo was taken when we had only been seeing each other a month and I remember feeling nervous. I already felt she was ‘the one’, although I didn’t dare admit it to either of us.

“We were sitting at Brighton station waiting for a train when I noticed the photo booth, but wasn’t sure whether to suggest a picture as we were still working each other out, so I didn’t know if she would think the idea strange or sweet.”

Hardships The couple have endured hardships, including lean periods of redundancy and living in a small flat with a child, but a strong family bond has seen them survive and prosper.

Mr Paley-Philips has gone from being laid-off from a job at a toy shop to seeing his writing career flourish, with five books published and one – The Fearsome Beastie – made into a CG animation with Brian Blessed and Alison Steadman.

He said: “I finally feel like we’re where we were meant to be and Michelle is still by my side, although I knew it when she agreed to that first photo booth snap.

“And I think when she agreed to pose, she was agreeing to start a future with me.”

He added: “The photo booth day has now become an official day out to Eastbourne.

“The whole family know that we’re going there to have the photo taken. I’ve also finally allowed my grey hair to come through, having experimented with lots of different colours.

“Things feel like they’re finally on the up for us, as I now have several books published and one has won an award.

“I can’t believe how long ago that first snap in Brighton was. We feel like different people, yet the same somehow.

“I know my feelings for Michelle are just the same, and stronger than ever.”