A family of cycling enthusiasts who have raised thousands of pounds for charity finished a 115-mile ride yesterday.

Charlie Doherty, 14, and his mum Julie Doherty, 50, along with their cousin and nephew Max Docherty, 13, set off from Rye last Saturday.

They journeyed to Chichester, staying with friends along the way.

The Crawley-based family hopes to raise about £700 for the NSPCC and Mary’s Meals, a charity which provides food for starving children in poverty around the world.

Julie works for the bank Santander, which has pledged to match the money raised.

Charlie said: “Even a small cycle ride can make a massive difference.”

The family has so far raised a grand total of £60,000 for numerous charities, with £45,000 going to Mary’s Meals.

Charlie said: “I started raising money after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and I decided I couldn’t just sit there and watch. It’s not just about me – it’s about spreading the word and it leading to a much bigger thing.”

Charlie has dragged friends and relatives along to other expeditions, including a cycle challenge to Poland and a climb up Mount Snowdon.

He is looking for people to join him for the next Brighton Marathon Mini Mile in April 2015. Anyone interested should email charliefarleyra@yahoo.co.uk.