UNIONS are holding more strikes over long-running pay and pension disputes.

Members of the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) and three unions representing 1.3million local government workers will strike after demands for changes to pension plans and pay increases have not been met.

The FBU has held a series of strikes over the past year in protest against changes to firefighters’ pension plans, which will see firefighters working up until the age of 60.

Firefighters that opt for an early retirement face having their pensions cut.

Jim Parrott, executive member of the South East FBU and Brighton resident, said: “I can see strikes continuing until the government agrees to change our pension plans, we’re still hoping we can see a change in their attitude but we haven’t and that’s why we’re striking.”

The firefighter strikes will take place from August 9 until August 16 from 12pm until 2pm and 11pm until 12pm each day.

Unions representing 1.3million local government workers have also agreed to run a coordinated strike on October 14, just a few days before the Trades Union Congress (TUC) national demonstration on October 18.

Unison, Unite and GMB have coordinated this strike due to the three year pay freeze for local government workers, who have been offered a 1% pay increase.

Diana Leach, Unison Branch Officer in Brighton, said: “I know the strike will be much bigger than the last strike on July 10.”