A boat is being purposefully set alight as part of an art project.

REEF, by Simon Faithful and co-commissioned by Fabrica gallery in Brighton, will show the journey a ship takes from wreckage at the bottom of the sea, before slowly turning into an artificial reef.

The metamorphosis will be shown through cameras which will transmit from the ship for a year, with the images relayed to exhibitions in Brighton, Calais and Caen.

Members of the public can watch the sinking at Weymouth Bay in Portland from 2:30pm online by downloading an app from reef.launchrock.com.

Online audiences will be able to continue watching the live video feed showing the transformation of the boat.

The best photographs taken from the live feed will be shown in an exhibition at Fabrica before they tour France as part of a larger exhibition by Mr Faithful.

REEF is Mr Faithful’s most ambitious project to date, representing a collaboration between the artist, arts organisations, marine industries and conservationists, divers and specialist technicians.