A council contractor has denied claims that they are looking to end its association with trade unions.

Management of the Mears Group say they have “absolutely no desire” to end its relationship with the GMB and other unions representing their workers.

The denial comes after a frantic online campaign from the local GMB branch over the weekend claiming that a Brighton and Hove City Council’s housing repairs contractor, which has a £200 million contract with the council, had given 12-months notice to de-recognise the trade unions.

Earlier this summer the two parties attempted to renegotiate the terms of an existing agreement that has been running for the past five years.

GMB officials are refusing to agree to a “detrimental” new version of the agreement surrounding the retention of terms and conditions which existed when the repairs team were in-house at the council.

Mears executive director Alan Long said: “We do have a recognition agreement with unions in Brighton and I would emphasise that we do want to continue our relationship.”