Two men who used a main road as a stunt track have been prosecuted after being caught on camera.

Danny Neville and William Smith performed skids and raced between roundabouts in their high powered cars on A24.

A series of complaints had been made about motorists using the roundabout to perform "drifting" manouevers, where cars are deliberately made to spin or slide across the road by their drivers.

Roads policing officers were on duty with handheld cameras at the Great Daux roundabout at Horsham at 1am on 18 January when a silver Toyota Supra and a purple Nissan 200 began drifting around the roundabout.

As well as being dangerous for the drivers and other road users, drifting is very noisy and disturbed residents living close to the A24.

Neville and Smith were both charged with careless driving and appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court Neville, 54, of Bridge Street, Leatherhead, was given seven points on his licence. He was also ordered to pay a £750 fine, £100 costs and a £75 victim surcharge.

Smith, 22, of Eight Acres, Hindhead, was banned from driving for 28 days, fined £350 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £35 victim surcharge.

Inspector Phil Nicholas said: "This manner of driving had unfortunately become increasingly common in the area of the A24 Great Daux roundabout. This has had a massive impact not only on other drivers, but on the victims in their own homes who have been blighted by the noise of this activity for many years.

"The court case has shown that we take all manners of antisocial driving seriously and are willing to prosecute drivers who show no regard for the safety of themselves or other road users.

"It sends out the message that if you drive irresponsibly on the streets of Sussex, to the annoyance of not only other road users and residents, we will use everything possible to take you to court."