A football tournament has been set up to raise awareness of the importance of being tested for HIV.

The Play it Safe event is specifically aimed at the African community as research has shown this is one of the groups most at risk of contracting the virus in the UK. Four teams from Brighton and Hove will be playing at Shoreham Football Club in Middle Road on Sunday from 1pm.

The event has been organised by the Terrence Higgins Trust in partnership with Shae Shae Creations and the Claude Nicol Clinic in Brighton.

During the tournament, trained Terrence Higgins Trust staff will provide advice and information on sexual health as well as offering free and confidential rapid HIV tests.

Testing involves a finger-prick blood test, with the results available to take within 20 minutes of having the test done.

Everyone who is tested will be given information and support before and after taking the test.

Anyone who tests positive will be quickly referred to a specialist clinic.

In 2012 there were an estimated 6,587 people living with HIV in Sussex, Surrey and Kent and one in five of them were undiagnosed.

If you want anymore information on the charity's services in Brighton, call Ross Boseley on 01273 764 200 or email info.brighton@tht.org. uk.